10 Reasons to NOT do a Boudoir Shoot

(as we like to call them.... excuses!!!)

1.) I'm not a Victoria's Secret Model.

That's INCREDIBLE! In fact, 99.9999% of my client's aren't models either. I photograph everyday women just like you and me! What makes it "FUN" for me is YOU, the client, leaving FEELING like a model!

2.) I can't pose myself!

Lucky for you, posing is one of my super powers! If I can't spit the words out correctly, I will show you what I mean! ....And, down to your fingertips! If I can do it, you can do it! I won't twist you like a pretzel (too much). If you take a leap of faith, I will pose you in the most flattering positions for your photos.

3.) I'm too CHUBBY to do a Boudoir Session!

Define "CHUBBY"? It's different for everyone. We're never going to get back to our birth weight or back in the jeans we wore in 6th grade! Chubby.... Compared to what standard? Compared to you? Me? Lizzo? Curves are NOT anything to be afraid of. In fact, curvier women are easier to pose. And, remember... I have that super power to posing!

4.) I need to loose a few more pounds, first!

No, you don't. And, sometimes you just won't... then what? If you're like me and almost 99.9% of the other women in the world, there will always be another 10 pounds that will "change your life". That's just another myth being fed to us by the Glam magazines! You, my friend, are amazing RIGHT NOW. You are ready RIGHT NOW, today! I will pose you and help coordinate your attire so well that people will ask, "did you lose 10 pounds?" How awesome will that be? And, don't think you wont want to show your BFF's these photos. Right now, you just can't see how amazing you are... but I can!

5.) i'm not young enough!

Why? Who said?! Don't listen to them! You're NOT too old to feel appreciated. You're NOT too old to feel BEAUTIFUL. You're NOT too old to feel SPECIAL. You're NOT too old to celebrate yourself RIGHT NOW in this moment with all of your amazingness. So, what that you don't look like you did in your 20s or 30s... No one does! Besides that, the ONLY thing good about your early 20's is your rocking HOT bod. The woman you are today is always better than the woman you were yesterday. Celebrate all of life's milestones. Getting older is a gift and you can be photographed at any age by a great photographer. Wink wink, for you, that's me!

6.) my photos will be all over the internet!

No, no, no, NO! Your privacy is my TOP priority. Did you know that about 75% of everything Boudoir I shoot I NEVER share publicly?! And, don't think that I don't want to... because, I do! However, because I respect each of these ladies and their wishes... I will NOT go against their wish.If you see a beautiful woman on my website or on my social media, it's because she gave me written and verbal consent to be there. And, let's be honest... It's brave women like these that helped YOU find ME! We only share what you want shared, if any at all. Case closed.

7.) I don't have any Lingerie.

Lingerie is optional! But, if you want some and don't know what you're looking for or even WHERE to go... my "What to Wear" guide will come in handy for you! I have a lingerie guide that helps explain what's out there. Our sessions also come with planning help - in the event that you need a second opinion or are a little confused, you can call or text me with any questions. No one will take better care of you than ME!

8.) My friends and family will not approve of me doing this type of session.

That's okay... Your boudoir session is JUST FOR YOU. You don't need their approval, do you? This is something to do nice for yourself, not for them. You only need YOUR approval. Anyone who loves you will want you to have this confidence bolstering experience. This is FOR YOU. Who you share it with is up to you.

9.) I'm too scared to do this by myself.

We allow friends to book sessions together! How fun would that be?! It might be a little too much laughing, but who wouldn't want to do that anyway? So, if you need moral support, consider it. But, if you want to enjoy this luxury experience alone - just do it. You will NOT regret it.

10.) I can shop around for a better "deal" for Boudoir Photography.

Your private intimate moments should never ever FEEL like a bargain. And, the real deal is that YOU ALWAYS GET what YOU pay for, always. A boudoir photography session is a life changing experience that includes a moderate investment in yourself. A professional photography business is expensive to run, therefore a reputable boudoir photography is never going to be "cheap" or offer "rock bottom" discounts and they most certainly will never be on Groupon. A good Boudoir Photography who knows her worth also knows the value of a good client. I will go through great lengths to earn your business with gratitude, appreciation and a pursuit of excellence.