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Calendar Girls

Recently a friend of mine suggested that I watch a movie called Calendar Girls. She told me it was a story about some older ladies who posed nude for a calendar for charity. I told my friend that I had remembered something about that calendar. It was a while back but I did not know a movie existed.

So I got a copy and watched the movie. It was based in the U.K. At first it seemed like a boring movie but when they got to the story if was definitely interesting as it was mixed with comedy and drama. But the best part was when it became time to pose. Now this was done without exposing their nakedness. It was what people call heartwarming. But what does that have to do with me?

As a photographer, I have done images of women of all ages. Then one day I was looking at a pictures and realized that Boudoir just wasn’t limited to the younger ladies who enjoy shooting in lingerie. I know I have written before on this subject and the joy that I see on a client’s face when they see their images.

So I became interested in doing a project. Not necessarily a calendar but something that promote the beauty that I have discovered. I am open to ideas.

Please share your thoughts.


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